December 2009

After sitting in your seminar at Southern Comfort Conference in Altanta in September, the way you taught really connected with me, so I decided to with you. I am excited about getting started.

Kelli, Detroit MI


December, 2009
Dear Kathe,

I wanted to express my gratitude for all your support and for your wonderful voice feminization program. You’ve given me so much great advice and, especially today, cheered me up when I was going through a tough time.  You’ve given me new hope.

I love your teaching style – I’ve had a lot of teachers from undergrad through my Ph.D – and I have to say that you’re certainly one of the best I’ve ever had. 

After I left your office, I tried practicing the things we talked about while driving, and thought to myself, ‘just stay locked in’ at a higher pitch and that it was not an option to go in my low pitch. When I went to the gas station, I accidentally went to the full service pump, but I managed to stay in my high pitch while talking to the guy and later while ordering lunch. This is great!

Thank you so much again and I am definitely interested in taking the advanced course.

K. Santa Fe, NM

June 11, 2009Yippee!!I was just referred to as “miss” and “ma’am” on the phone, granted they knew my name was Nicole but in the past, there would many times be a question in their voice…none of that this time. The coaching is really working.

Nicole, San Francisco

June 2009Dear Kathe,I thought I’d share how I work with you how I organize myself with the therapy exercises and material.

After each session, when I download the audio files you send to a folder that I label with the date and coaching session number.

I create a daily log of the activities I’m going to work with. This way I see what I am doing and I see what I should be doing. I trick myself sometimes with things that are very difficult and tend to shun it no matter how much I truly want it. The log makes my efforts clearer.

I print out the hand outs and tape them up next to my computer. This saves me time and I mark the dates of that coaching session. I can follow along better with you when a session is proceeding and it is more efficient then looking around for the handouts.

I printed out the musical note conversion chart and taped it up next to the computer, as well. I almost always have Voice Print on just to see my voice graph. I’m still learning how to use this, but feel the visual voice presentation adds a great deal.

I have a scratch pad and pen with me, when I am in session for little notes and bottled water with me. I do my full practice before our sessions, so I am  up to my norm and hope I will rise above that in the session.

Anonymous, New Jersey

March, 2009I am really excited to tell you how I have put my voice to good use, thanks to you. I am attending college and (you’re going to love this) I recently took a public speaking class. The professor said I was one of the best students she has ever had and wants me to work with future students. Can you believe that I went from thinking I would never have a passable feminine voice or be able to speak in front of a group to being someone who excelled in public speaking in college?I wanted you to know how you made a big difference in someone’s life. Thank you!

Denver, Colorado

December 27, 2008I can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening and practicing my speaking as I go through your 3 CDs in your “Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice” program.  Right now they’re in my car’s CD player so every time I go somewhere I listen and practice.You and Lynn are so joyful to just listen too.  What transgendered woman wouldn’t want to have such a sweet and lilting vocal delivery as you and Lynn are showing us?


November 7, 2008  I ordered your Feminine Voice CD’s a few months ago and have been using them regularly.  Congratulations on putting together a program that is both useful and fun!


I’m happy to report a small victory today.  I was trying to set up an on-line credit card access and managed to lock myself out.  So, I had to call technical services to unlock my account.  My experience has been that the combination of talking on the phone and financial services security personnel are particularly challenging!


I followed your advice and “tuned” and practiced before my telephone call.  To my very pleasant surprise I was able to accomplish what I needed without a single “sir” or getting the third degree about who I “really” was.  I know that I still have a long way to go, but these small victories do matter!


Thank you so much for your program.  If you come out with any new materials, please let me know – I’d be very interested in purchasing them.




KT, Madison, WI


I wanted to tell you how great it was meeting you and Lynn at California Dreamin’. Your voice class truly inspired me. I’ve been working hard on my voice, and feel like I’m making pretty good progress already. Good enough in fact that I didn’t get read by the pharmacist last night, even as I explained issues with my Rx’s to him. He was actually confused by the male name on my records (LOL). Anyway, I wanted to thank you for being there for all of us girls. I love the banter you and Lynn have on the CDs. I think knowing the two of you personally makes it all that much funnier.
San Jose, CaliforniaMay 6, 2008
I really enjoyed your presentation (at California Dreamin’ Conference) and the coaching session.  My spouse was quite impressed with your coaching skills, including your talent and knowledge.  I’ve listened to the audio files you sent and have concluded I’ve a long way to go.  Thank you for your indulgence!  I feel that my voice is quite short of the mark.   Jillian, San Jose, California


I was just using the third CD (Naturalizing Your Feminine Voice) and a gentleman called and asked for Tom (old male name) and I said, “I’m sorry he’s not home right now.” While all they said was, “OK, thank you,” it was a very close “Ma’am.” I thought this was awesome because they didn’t think I was a “gay” guy answering the phone! It’s too funny that you brought this up on the CD. I know this idea will help so many to move on and get over the top or is that under? (I know Lynn would appreciate the below-the-belt humor).The voice has also gone a long way in helping me to be addressed as Ma’am in many settings, such as restaurants and grocery stores, even when I’m dressed as a Plain-Jane(T-shirt, jeans and no makeup, only a facial lotion).

Another great part about the CD is listening to GG women speak and being around them to learn their language, that is an awesome point brought up by you and Lynn!

Thanks for being there and doing this fabulous work for all of us.

Sarah, Boston

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just got ma’med again on the phone without giving my name!

Nikki, San Francisco



I was at work before my paralegal arrived.  I answered the phone and it was his mom and I took a message. When he called her back, she asked who the new woman at the office was! Wheee! Thanks for all your hard work and help.

Danyel, Denver, Colorado

   I have made some really great progress working with your CDs and coaching.   I have had two phone interviews that have gone rather well, and in general in public I am doing fine. In my at-home training, when I record myself, I can start to hear the resonance developing — I almost always am in the 3G or 3A pitch range, even when I wake up now, which is great, I think, and there are times friends have commented on the improving quality or resonance of my voice – I have been using your tapes daily, working with the exercises, and variations of them. My parents even commented on the changes in my voice recently.

The CDs have  been one of the most worthwhile investments I have made in myself.
Laura, Dothan, Alabama

My voice was the most worrisome part of my transition and the most difficult to overcome.  Kathe and Lynn took the mystery out of finding my voice and gave me the skills and confidence to help me find the voice I have always wanted.
Danielle,  Aptos, CA